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Saturday, February 10, 2007

A quiet prayer to the tivo gods

I don't watch the show How I Met Your Mother, but somebody on a forum mentioned this, and it was so perfect and fantastic that I had to post it.

As you may or may not know, Stephanie and I are a two tivo household-- mine and hers. And I have completely come to the conclusion that the TIVO is the one appliance in the house that if it broke tomorrow (god forbid) I would go out and buy another one the very next day. I can live for several weeks without a stove, a refrigerator, or a dishwasher. Tivo-- Never!

Anyway, apparently, on the show, the characters have to go to a funeral on Superbowl Sunday, so they Tivo the Superbowl. Before they leave, they have a little prayer to the tivo gods-- a prayer that goes like this:

Quiet Prayer to the TiVo Gods

Almighty TiVo
We thank you for all the gifts you have given us:
The power to freeze live TV to go take a leak is nothing short of god-like
And let's not forget fast-forwarding through commercials.

It seems greedy to ask anything more from you, O magic box
But if you malfunction and miss the Super Bowl
We will destroy you in the alley with baseball bats


And here's the Youtube video for your viewing pleasure!


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