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Monday, February 05, 2007

Peapod... groceries delivered direct to Yonkers!

Stephanie and I have often lamented about the lack of Fresh Direct here in Yonkers (Fresh Direct is a NY based service started by one of the founders of our favorite market Fairway that delivers fresh food to you for not much of a charge. It's a very convenient way to get food delivered, and the food is very tasty. We had Fresh Direct in Riverdale, and our understanding is that it's slowly moving to Westchester.

I'm not sure when it happened, but Peapod, which is Stop and Shop's delivery service, is now serving Yonkers! Which means that we've got the opportunity to get stuff delivered to us. And best of all, they have some kind of special deal going on where you get $10 off if you are a new customer. So it's definitely worth checking out.

I like Stop and Shop (it's probably the best quality chain market), and they often have very excellent prices and great quality on their meats) So this is great news to me!

I found out about the Peapod recently because I was checking out the affiliate link stuff that Stephanie does. And voila, there was Peapod. I checked it out, and yes-- now serving Yonkers!

This is an affiliate link to Peapod-- if you end up using their service, Stephanie and I get a little something back. But that's not the reason to use it-- use it because you'll get $10 off your groceries, and it makes it a lot easier to shop.
Shop Peapod using this link and get $10 in FREE groceries

So rejoice Yonkerites. Fresh Direct isn't here yet-- but in the meantime, Peapod is a really great substitute.

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