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Monday, January 29, 2007

A Musical About a House In Disrepair

Stephanie's Dad & Step-mom are in town (attending a large convention), and they took us to see one of the new musicals. The show was called Grey Gardens-- it's a musical story about an eccentric woman Edith Bouvier Beale and her eccentric daughter Little Edie "Body Beautiful" Beale, They were related to Jackie Kennedy Onassis, who makes an appearance as a 10 year old girl in this production (it's not the actual Jackie O, of course, but a facsimile.

The two Edie's live in a big beautiful house in the Hampton's.

The House had seen great times in the 40's, when the first act is set, and it's a beautiful old place. But in 1973 (when the second act is set)the place is falling apart, set upon by racoons, and fleas, and just about to fall into the ground. (you know, kind of like our house!-- especially with the fleas!)

The acting is uniformly excellent. It's a weird choice to turn into a musical, because it's not a happy ending, and it's more like it should have been a play with a few songs (the Bouvier's are notorious living room singers!) Nevertheless, I can recommend it, especially if you are a fan of the Kennedy's, or are perhaps interested in this kind of history.

It's based on a famous documentary, called Grey Gardens, or
The Beales of Grey Gardens.

Before the show we ate a restaurant called Havana Central a great Cuban Restaurant. It's right in Times Square, and they also have a Union Square location. I had this amazing corn on the cob with cheese and garlic, and a fantastic rack of Cuban ribs. Very delicious. We ended our meal with a Three Leche cake shared among everybody. I have to say that the one we had at our local bakery was better. Still, Havana Central is a good place to go!


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