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1. n, an inhabitant of Yonkers, NY
2. v, to live in Yonkers, NY. also YONK, YONKS, YONKED, YONKER, YONKING
3.adj YONKED descriptor of a person living or the act of living in Yonkers, NY, sometimes used in a pejorative sense.
EX: "We bought this old house and are re-habbing it--we are so yonked!"
4. n, YONKED a weblog that chronicles the life, trials, tribulations, and other of two lovebirds and their new child in an old house in Yonkers, NY.



Wednesday, January 31, 2007

A Sign of the coming Gentrification...

So a few days ago we stopped into our local Taqueria for some food to go, and while we were waiting, we saw, not one, not two, but three anglos in the taqueiria as well. Stephanie and i have both taken it as an omen of the coming Gentrification (although we also have taken into account the possibility that they were doing exactly the same.

The downside of it was that they looked not so much from the Neighborhood as from Park Hill, which is already pretty damned gentrified. Still, it was slightly encouraging....

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