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Monday, March 12, 2007

The clocks they are a changin'

We spent the weekend at my mom's house which was great and a lot of fun. Stephanie had never been to Newport before, so we gave her the driveby mansion tour. She was definitely oohing and aahing at all of the amazing architecture-- and she hasn't even seen the inside! We'll definitely go back at some point (to my mom's surely, but also to Newport. Maybe even go into one of the gigantic mansions....)

We also saw the movie Ms. Potter, which is based on the life of Beatrix Potter, inventor of Peter Rabbit. (Click on the link to go to Amazon and check out some of her books.

The movie was really fantastic, and considering that it was primarily a chick flick, that's saying something. It really did a great job of sketching out her life and eccentric foibles in a fun way, and the romance and tragedy and good fortune that beset her life (any more would be telling-- go and see the movie if you want to know more!)

The next day we drove back to Providence, trying to stop at a fabulous PHo place in New Haven (sadly closed on Sundays) We'll get it next time.

That was yesterday. When we got home our house had not fallen apart as the mini-Y2K doomsayers were suggesting might happen. So today I was set with a seek and repair mission to figure out where all the clocks are and how to fix them. I should probably know where they are anyway, but I don't have it written down anywhere-- at least until now. This list will hopefully come in handy in case of melt-down emergency and I suddenly NEED to know what time it is... I can always find a clock!

book case

bedroom alarm
DVD/VCR player

alarm clock


Cellphones and computers generally take care of themselves (thank you Sprint and Apple!)

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