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Monday, March 26, 2007

Didn't win the Truck contest!

Well, as I expected, I did not win the truck contest. Perhaps I should have gone with "The Magic of Recycling"

I'm not really that disappointed-- although it would have been very cool. They haven't shown the photos or proposals of what was given, but when they do, I will follow up with either photographs of these trucks in action or the proposals-- depending on what's available.

Here's the rejection email I got:

Thank you for submitting your proposal for the Yonkers Art Truck project. We apologize for the delay in announcing the selection of the winning artists but were only able to arrive at a final determination last week. Approximately two hundred entries were received and with so many creative, eye-catching, and just plain beautiful designs to choose from, narrowing down to only six was a very difficult process.

In the end, the six artists selected are: Nicoletta Barolini, Joseph D'Alessandro, Chuck Davidson, Tom Duncan, Joy Taylor, and Patricia Villate. Currently there are plans to unveil the six trucks at Yonkers Raceway on May 2, as part of Yonkers Business Week 2007. Further information and details will be posted on the City of Yonkers website in the weeks to come.

We greatly appreciate the time and effort that was put into your submission and will notify you about other public art opportunities as they arise. At the moment we have heard that the City of Newburgh is also interested in implementing the Art Truck project and we will forward your contact information to them.

Again, thank you for your interest in the project.



So who knows, perhaps the Circus Recycling truck will be in New Rochelle!

(and if it does, I clearly must start a blog named Rochelled)

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