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Sunday, July 27, 2008

Invasion of the Baby Furniture

Our house has begun to be invaded by all manners of boxes, mostly from Graco, that contain a number of apparently VERY IMPORTANT items that we MUST HAVE NOW. Door Jumper, anyone?

[Edited by Stephanie: Full disclosure that Graco is a client; I'm already a fan of the brand but I'm sure we will totally drink the kool-aid once we start using all this great stuff. Lookee at the sweetpeace soother!]

They are sitting in a gigantic pile collecting dust. We're superstitious, see, and we don't want to even open anything up if we mustn't. Because then the Gods would not smile upon us. Unless we have to open it now.

Of course, one of the things that we HAD TO HAVE was a Dutailier. For those who are not so initiated in the ways of the Baby Whisperer (and yes, best beloved: there IS a Baby Whisperer):

The Dutailier is a rocking gliding chair that apparently only they make, and there are some other gliders, but they all suck in comparison. They are expensive, but apparently worth it, as every person that I have talked to who has had one loved theirs.

Unfortunately, the gliders are a 14 week kind of thing, so we ordered ours a couple of months ago-- but apparently 14 weeks can also be 9 weeks (what's 5 weeks among friends?)

So ours is already here. And since we had a custom color, we had to open it NOW. You can see S sitting on it over on the right, doing some shopping research in her cat pajamas.

It's pretty, it's comfortable, it will take a little getting used to (S fell out of it when she was standing up! Oh, and we haven't carved the space out for it yet. So for now, our very expensive couch is being blocked by our very expensive glider.

Our living room furniture is worth more than I am! (I'm not sure if this is a statement on the furniture, or on me. But that's grist for a different blog.)

I'm off to Coney Island to do a little performance of the Most Minuscule Show on Earth.

Comments on "Invasion of the Baby Furniture"


Blogger Shelli said ... (12:54 PM) : 

niiiiiice! :)


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (7:26 PM) : 

gliders are so easy to make fun of, until you get one and rock your baby to sleep in it.

and then you're all, like, "daaaaaamn, how did my parents raise me without one of these?" and suddenly you have a new excuse for all your neuroses.

hope all's well, keep us posted!
Les & Steve


Blogger JGH said ... (5:36 PM) : 

Hi! I found your blog searching for some nearby on Placeblogger. I did not have a glider for my first, which was a big mistake. It required me to make a much uglier purchase - that of a mechanical swing! (good for only about 1 month and only if they're colicy!)


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