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Tuesday, March 18, 2008

In which I try to discover the value in being a layabout.

So... with our impending nuptials a mere 19 days away (yikes, oh my god, time to panic!) we are working like mad to get the house ready. Ready for what you might ask? We've been living here 2 years, we've had guests over multiple times, we've had parties here, etc. We live here. It's a good question, and I'm not sure what we're getting ready for-- but whatever happens... We will be READY!

One of the things on our ever expanding to-do list was to fulfill S's long time dream of spending two week's worth of salary on a sofa. Not just any sofa, mind you. This is a sectional sofa. A three piece brick red sitting apparatus with cushions, a curve, and multiple seating areas.

I admit now that it's pretty, and it's very comfortable, but boy oh boy is it more than I ever expected to spend for a sofa/sectional/sitting apparatus. When last I bought a set of sofa stuff (in 1992) I spent less than a third of the price of this thing, and got a sofa AND a love seat. (Which I guess, by the new math, makes a sectional.)

And of course, since we have a new sofa, we should get a new television (flat screen, hi def), and hey, why not some window treatments? Some stained glass? Sure why not!

I'm going to have to spend a lot of time sitting on this sofa watching tv to make it worthwhile. Not sure what the going rate for sitting on a sofa should be, but if you figure that it cost $3.50 an hour to sit in an uncomfortable chair at Starbucks (vente half caf cinammon mocha capp, skinny and white, s'il vous plait) ... then this sofa should pay for itself sometime around 2026. Just about the time it's broken down and useless. Just like me! (In 2026, I'll be 61, and my impending child (God willing) will be 18. ) And that 2026 number does not include the flat screen tv. I'm going to have to sit on this thing overtime! Perhaps we need to install a shower in it? Ah, but then we'd need a frameless glass door around it. No shower. A guy's got to draw the line somewhere.

The amazing thing about the sofa is that we ordered it yesterday, and it will be here on Friday!
Which means more trudging up and down the stairs, and more stuff to do. Putting away stuff is slow and unrewarding work...

I'd write more, but I have to go practice lying down.

Comments on "In which I try to discover the value in being a layabout."


Blogger Unknown said ... (5:59 PM) : 

great! my kids can be the first to christen the new sitting apparatus. did i mention b. is potty training in big boy undies?


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