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Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Flea Circus article in Washington Post!

Here's a great article written about my show in the Washington Post!:

The Tiniest Show in Town!

At the Flea Circus, There's More Than Meets the Eye

Washington Post Staff Writer
Monday, August 27, 2007; Page C01

The magic of the flea circus climaxed during the chariot race. That's when ringmaster Adam Gertsacov persuaded the audience to fall in love with Midge and Madge, the tiny stars of his Acme Miniature Circus.

Yesterday about 40 people -- a mix of families and hipsters -- at the Palace of Wonders on H Street NE rose to their feet, craning their necks to get a better look at the action. Gertsacov, wearing a purple top hat, shot a toy gun and the fleas were off.

Acme Miniature Circus ringmaster Adam Gertsacov keeps a close eye on his stars.
Acme Miniature Circus ringmaster Adam Gertsacov keeps a close eye on his stars. (By James M. Thresher -- The Washington Post)

"We've approached the straightaway," he said, talking double-time, like a sports announcer. "It's going to be a very close race. Midge is making her move. Let's hear it!"

The audience screamed and one man broke into a chant: "Let's go, Midge! Let's go, Midge!"


(and in case you are wondering, that is me to the right!)

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