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Friday, October 07, 2011

Riverdale Arts Festival October 23 (256th & Mosholu, Riverdale)

I'll be performing artistic antics on the street at a new arts festival in Riverdale
(just over the Yonkers border) on Sunday October 23.

It promises to be a lot of fun. Check it out if you can.

verdale Festival of the Arts
Sunday October 23, 2011 from 11 am-4 pm

West 256th Street (
between Delafield and Mosholu) and
on the grounds of Riverdale Neighborhood House

Live music performances - all day - from Jazz to Rock to Classical.
Eric Alexander
Internationally-acclaimed Tenor Saxophonist, Eric Alexander

performers Alma and Rale Micic
NYC Rock Band Sweet Fix
NYC Rock band, Sweet Fix

Classical Wind Ensemble from the Bronx Arts Ensemble

Entertainment by local theatre groups and street performers:

Riverdale Repertory Company
Riverdale Children’s Theatre

The Acme Clown Company

Franco DeFrancesca Spyro Gyro

Original artwork from artists around the world from Elisa Contemporary Art and the Derfner Judaica Museum + Art Collection.

BarbaraLaube.IntheMidstofIt 2

Local artists including:
  • Barbara Laube
  • Anna Purves
  • Adam Shultz
  • Ginny Howsam Friedman
  • Isabelle Eng
  • Arnie Adler
  • Matthew Turov
  • Nu Ryu
  • Joanne Cooper
  • Riverdale Art AssociationNu Ryu Painting
  • and more

Children’s activities, art projects led by the Riverdale Y and Scribble Art Workshops. We'll have facepainters & more!

Exhibits from local merchants

provided by Sqweez Catering
AnnePurves.Firework-Star_27 2
It promises to be an exciting event
for our community with
something for everyone and for every age

PS 81’s Fall Funday with plenty of great children’s activities will be held at the same time for a whole block of fun!
For further information and the schedule of events, visit:

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