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Friday, February 05, 2010

A Bear that Snovels Show

On Wednesday it snowed about an inch or so, and I had to clear it before it got all icy.  I took out the bear to do the work also, for his first official snow time. (We finally found Snow Boots!)  I wrapped him up in his oh so warm snow suit and took him outside.

He had a fun time, and really seemed to like shoveling and the snow.   I took a bunch of pictures and then put the camera in the car so it wouldn't get wet.  About 10 people then walked by and said "Oh how cute! You should take some pictures!"  So I took some more, to satisfy our well-meaning but nosy neighbors.  Overall I took nearly 40 pictures. 

Although he had a great time,  I had a huge fear that he would drop the snow shovel and rush into the street, where the cars go very fast, and would not be braking for bears, so I was completely hyper-vigilant about it. I did most of the shoveling with him in my arm, or trapped behind the fence watching. Nothing bad happened.  (See, my hyper vigilance is working!)

There's 6-8 inches of snow forecast for this weekend, so maybe if we get enough we can go out and build a snowman!  Hmmm,,, maybe I need to go get a carrot and some buttons....

Here's about half of the photos that I took.

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Blogger Unknown said ... (8:56 AM) : 

already putting him to work? there are child labor laws


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