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1. n, an inhabitant of Yonkers, NY
2. v, to live in Yonkers, NY. also YONK, YONKS, YONKED, YONKER, YONKING
3.adj YONKED descriptor of a person living or the act of living in Yonkers, NY, sometimes used in a pejorative sense.
EX: "We bought this old house and are re-habbing it--we are so yonked!"
4. n, YONKED a weblog that chronicles the life, trials, tribulations, and other of two lovebirds and their new child in an old house in Yonkers, NY.



Sunday, February 26, 2006

The move, the move, we must get in a groove.

Even as the dust continues to settle, and as the electricians, the carpenters, the plumbers, and the painters maintain their appointed tasks, we are packing, packing, packing. We are moving!

We've been very busy getting everything done, but sadly, not everything will be finished by the time we move in. So we'll be living in a construction site for the next few weeks as we get everything together. Oh what fun! The adventure! The camping! The smells!

We've still got painting, a little more electrical, garage roof guys, another set of alarm guys, a locksmith, and probably some other tradesmen yet to be determined. Ah yes, the plumber! Who could forget that noble trade, he who Must Not Be Plunged.

I should say that when I say that We are moving, it is not actually myself that will be yonking. Stephanie will be the first pioneer to yonk where no Stephanie has yonked before. I will follow in the next month (assuming that the X-file aliens have not taken over my body, eaten of my flesh, and replaced me with an exact replica. Barring all that, I will be in town 4-5 nights per week (and perhaps more). But if home is where your stuff is, then it will be a little time before I have officially yonked. (Partially because I've got so much damned stuff!)

We'll be commandeering an outpost on the third floor to start, sleeping on a mattress and showering extra early so as not to give our workers free peeks at the merch. And as for the days that we don't have plumbing... , brother can you spare a shower?

Well, enough procrastinating. Back to packing up my beloved's stuff.... Hmmmm, I guess this stuff is now mine too! Like I need more stuff.

Actually, going through her stuff is really interesting, because I've been finding out all kinds of new things about her past. Not really awful things-- nice sweet things. It's a real joy to get to know somebody deeper and deeper. It's what makes life worth living.

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