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Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Three more kitchen layouts

Here, for your viewing (and commenting) pleasure, are three more kitchen layouts. My stepmother Nancy and I burned the midnight oil on Saturday night, working through all of the issues. She was really insightful and I think these designs are much improved over the earlier ones. One major change she suggested was to turn the bathroom vertically (relative to these drawings) - which buys us a lot of space along the main kitchen wall and also brings the (current) bathroom window into the kitchen.

However, two of these designs blocks off that newly recaptured window with the pantry. The walk-in pantry is something that's really important to me, so I keep trying to figure out how to get it in. I think it's worth the tradeoff for a window we never really had in the kitchen anyway.

Our kitchen contractor Joe was out yesterday to have a look, so I hope to see his ideas on Monday. I haven't shown him these designs; maybe he'll have a whole different spin on the space.

We continue to solicit your comments and ideas-- they are very useful to us!

Concept 5B

Concept 5C
Concept 6

Comments on "Three more kitchen layouts"


Blogger DADAPALOOZA said ... (7:59 PM) : 

Good work!

I'm thinking that I like 5B most of all. I'm interested in 5C, with it's cool shape, but it seems to cut up the large space into several tiny spaces, and I don't like that so much.

Also 5B makes the powder room most into another room of the house, so in that sense it's a great idea. And we keep the window.

6 also has an interesting shape-- but the width of 2'9 seems a little small to get through-- not that we have a piano to get through there-- but could we get a piano in the door if we needed too?


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